17. 02. 10
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Innovative and creative

We are continuously searching for new challenges and new applications of the medium 'laser'.


Wouldn't this be a great idea for your next event?

For this awardshow we developed a lasermapping on 65 dinnertables in cooperation with Architect of Emotion / The Cintamani Stone / Goosebumps

The guests were treated with a spectacular opening show and their tables were in the middle of all the action. 

Watch the video here!  


With a total of 14 lasers, the new logo of the Adecco Group was mapped in 3D on both the tables and 4 screens. During the Adecco awards ceremony, the categories and their respective winners' names scrolled simultaneously over the tables and the projection screens. Upon the announcement of the winning team, we lit up their table with stars. 


Can you imagine this at your next event?


16. 06. 15
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Looking for an original idea on how to ask your loved one THE question ?  

We can write your proposal on any wall or building so when you happen to pass by that location (a complete coincidence, of course) with your loved one, she or he can be totally surprised.  Of course we'll throw in some hearts, some rings and a lot more.  We can offer you a personalised showmodule with the happy pair in a leading role for the wedding too ! 

In the above example we were secretly contacted by the groom-to-be to project his proposal at a beautiful location called 'Het Steen' in Antwerp, Belgium.  

PS: She said "Yes" !


16. 06. 15
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The 4th European Space Solutions Conference took place at the World Forum at The Hague (Netherlands) from May 30th until June 3rd 2016.

P.R.G. and Creaset asked us to have yellow laserbeams reinforce the exposition.  These beams represented links and communication between objects, like for instance models of satellites,  in the exposition.

The system worked completely autonomous during the full exposition period, starting and stopping automatically whilst supervision and adjustments could also be made from our offices in Belgium. 



16. 06. 15
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A magnificent show for a modest budget!


For the Sint-Amands Primary School Zuid in Kortrijk ( SAZ), we created this amazing lasershow for a very kind budget in only a few days. Storyboard, drawings and animations, audio assembly and presentation in the school, everything a complete in-house production. 


Also watch the video with visuals on the schoolbuilding starting from 2'30"!

16. 06. 15
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Mission: visitors of the Siemens Innovation Day seated inside 4 cubes made of laserlight.  

Challenges:  the ceiling of the auditorium could only by used to mount mirrors, no trusses, no lasers or cables.  Lasers to be mounted beneath the floortiles, available height <10 cm.

Solutions:  Lasershow Belgium mounted 16 custom made lasers in the space between the concrete floor and suspended tiles,  16 fine-adjustable lasermirrors (size only 2 x 2 cm)  on custom made mounts that fit in the ceilings existing airconditioning slots.  The 16 lasers were controlled by a Grand MA2 lighting console over standard DMX protocol so the lightoperator could take full advantage of the effect included in the complete lighting setup.