Opening new Antwerp olympic swimmingpool

16. 06. 14
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Another challenge for the Lasershow Belgium team was the opening of Antwerp's new Olympic training pool Wezenberg II.

The new pool was exclusively constructed for training sessions of Belgium's finest swimmers in a new building right next to the existing public swimmingpool.  Because there is no room in the new building to seat all the invited celebreties the inauguration had to take place in the other 'public' pool.  So how to include the new pool in the show ?  

During a few long nights lasereffects and swimmers were videorecorded by our collegues of Mediamixer.  This resulted in a beautiful, artistic montage of images and special FX of the new pool which was then projected by a high power videoprojector during the actual live laser/light show.  The montage was re-synced in the live-show while the same swimmers and a diverteam took part in an exiting finale !

Again, Lasershow Belgium's show was highly acclaimed by the audience and organisation !