We specialise in breathtaking multimedia spectaculars using visuals and/or lasers that will put your brand or product in the spotlight in a way you've never witnessed before.  We take your audience on a voyage into a dream of light.  Light as you've never experienced it, only to bring your brand, your product to the center of attention.

We'll work closely with you to get your message across, we take care of every detail in every image, in the music, the production, the entire audience experience.

Our vast experience allows us to combine video with lasers, waterscreens, fireworks and so much more into a virtual reality 3D dreamworld, a new creative multimedia experience.

We like to use lasers.  They're an intense ray of light with unusually bright and deep colors mostly known for its ability to create real surfaces and tunnels of light submerging the audience in a beautiful 3D environment.  But there's so much more to be done with lasers like for instance floating brand logo's into thin air, on water, fog, screens, buildings or mountains.  Beautiful artful animations that bring your company history to life in an unsurpassed fashion on any company event.

The photographs and videos on this page can not show you the real impact of our shows and how could a 1000 words do so?  Just get in touch and we'll broaden your mind.