What is LASER ?
The word L.A.S.E.R. is an acronym that stands for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laserbeam is a very thin ray of coherent light.
What's the difference between laserprojection and videoprojection?
Although recently videoprojectors have started to use lasers as lightsource instead of bulbs, original laserprojection uses a different projection system. Small mirrors move the laserbeam rapidly in an X and Y plane. It makes linedrawings. Surfaces can not be filled with light. This disadvantage also brings some advantages: the intensity of the laserbeam is not spread over a large surface but concentrated in the lines. Logo's and animations can be projected over large distances and onto irregular surfaces. Laser is always in focus. And drawings force us to be more creative and artistic in what we do.
What is a beamshow ?
A beamshow is what makes a lasershow so unique! During a beamshow the audience looks TOWARDS the projector instead of having the projector behind them like in the movie theatre. The intense laserbeams are visible in the air and we might use fog or smoke to even intensify them more. By manipulating these rays the audience gets submerged in a 3D environment made entirely out of light. A good beamshow requires some preparation, but the result is very impressive!
Is a lasershow dangerous?
As a professional company we take every precaution so you can fully enjoy the wonders of laserlight. Our projectors have all the latest safety features and our operators are trained to work with lasers in any circumstance. We are proud to have more than 25 years of experience with laser. Can a laser be dangerous for eyes and skin? Yes. Is a laserSHOW dangerous? When done well: No, it really isn't
Can you project a logo onto clouds?
Theoretically: some logos yes, but the odds to have the required unique meteorological conditions at the time of your event are not in your favour.
Can a lasershow replace fireworks on my event?
Yes, we can! Nowadays fireworks safety precautions can be difficult to implement. And worse, not only are fireworks polluting the environment, but the loud bangs are extremely frightening to animals. A lasershow can be a perfect ecological alternative! Just contact us, we'll be happy to discuss the possibilities!
I want a lasershow at my event. How do we proceed?
Well, first we'd like to get to know you and see what you have in mind. Then we can add our thoughts and idea's to the creative pool and make you a good offer. We should visit the venue for your event together, discuss how the audience will best view the show and look into some technical details. Then we'll start by creating a storyboard, agree on music and other media and continue to make a first draft of the show that we can send to you as a simulation of how it would look in the venue. Once all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted we'll be ready for your show on your important day.
What else is involved in such a show?
Don't worry. We take care of the complete production of your show. Sound, video, stage, safety, acces, security, everything. Relax and leave it to us. We've got it from here. Enjoy the show!
We want to use lasers in artwork. Can you help us?
Yes, absolutely. We'd love to help you integrate lasers and lights into your art, to connect buildings with laserbeams and to shine wavelenghts of magical light onto every possible surface.
What else is possible?
What we can do is only limited by your and our imagination. Want to activate your visitors with a heist on a 'Mission impossible' bankvault secured with laserbeams? Want to create or see a real 'laseract'? Play a laserharp? We can do it. Join us in a brainstormsession!

clubbanner Lasershows have become much more than that 'lighteffect from the clubs'. It has become a complete form of media. For the entertainmentworld, for advertising and branding or productlaunches. For art and culture. For your company. For your clients.

The impact of laser on your audience is many times bigger than that of any other projection.  Not only is there the fascination of the viewers for the laserbeams, but the projection method forces us to be creative and artistic.  Your logo, your product won't be just a powerpoint slide. It will be a synergy of the most magical light in existance with the creative interpretation we give to it, together with you, using any and all means to center the audience attention to your message   The unique combination of these messages with a beamshow is the most spectacular lightshow in the world.   Dazzle your friends and customers with a show by Lasershow.be