Adecco kick-off "Beyond the Stars 2017"

Opening show for the Adecco kick-off "Beyond the stars 2017" at Brussels Expo in Belgium.

Performed by, created and designed by Architect of Emotion, Steven Martin and

a Goosebumps Event Production for Adecco.

Lasershow for SAZ school in Kortrijk, Belgium

It doesn't always have to be big to be beautiful!

This is a small lasershow on a friendly budget we made for the Sint-Amands basisschool Zuid in Kortrijk, Belgium.  We had a very short production time for the animations, but of course the children's drawings were a grateful subject.  We loved making a little story of a drawing coming to life and making some publicity for this wonderful school.  Unfortunately somewhere someone turned on a big outdoor light in the schoolyard in the middle of the projection, but luckily it didn't take too long to turn it back off.  Big thanks to SAZ, see you next year!

Opening DS Store Drogenbos op YouTube

Video van de opening van de DS Store in Drogenbos met lasershow vanaf ca. 0.40 min.

Nieuwe bedrijfsfilm

Onze nieuwe bedrijfsfilm met beelden van recente shows.

Opening zwembad Wezenberg 2 - Pt-2

Uitvoering lasershow in Wezenberg I

Opening zwembad Wezenberg 2 - Pt-1

Opnames in nieuw zwembad Wezenberg 2

Opening DS showroom

Kerstshow St-Niklaas op TV

Kerstshow St-Niklaas